goldylockz (goldylockz) wrote in a_boy_named_oi,

Your Name: ... rachael
Your Age: ... 24
Your musical tastes: ... Taking Back Sunday, Coldplay, Bane, Count the Stars, Brand New, As I Lay Dying, Boy Sets Fire, Bright Eyes, ComeBack Kid, They Came Burning, Hopesfall
Your style of dress: ... eep...I can't say I have a style hah ... ummm I do skateboard, so I got my skate shoes, mostly jeans...skate-shirts, hoodies...if that's a style? I like to be comfortable - and I either look like I'm going to go skating - or I've been skating...eep.
Why you should be let in: I'm a fun girl? hah ...ummm I don't know, I'm opinonated and sarcastic, but I'm not real into that internet drama crap, but I'm a scene whore, I like a varitey of music (including some ol'hiphops, djs and older punk/hardcore stuff) ...and I think I'd "fit in" as much as on could over the net?
Your proudest moment: beating out 13 guys to come in 2nd for a skatboarding comp in MO.
The best word to describe yourself
A picture of yrself = ... not the best... but ... eh, the newest.

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shit..sorry, I was pre-occupied with seeing if I could get the cut code right hah

umm 1 word to describe me = sarcastic
I could use: betrayed, hurt, sore...
but those would just describe me now, and not as whole.
even though, I'm mostly sarcastic. Or mouthy? I had a cop as if I was ever called mouthy before.

hah sorry.
I'll just shut it now.
i say yes, even though i never got stamped in the community.

but you're fun.
so yes.

you get a thumbs up in my book!

awww hah thanks :)
I'd stamp ya back