July 7th, 2003


Bring your sex...

you know what we need in this community? more hot, intelligent scene girls of good taste in varying ages.

mer, talk to me you ass, you need to come down tomorrow!
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omg i'm so in

hey, thank you guys for all the lovely comments on my introductory post! you are all so nice *sniff sniff*

here's a more recent picture of me and my boyfriend Riley (meaculpa10). my hair is a little different; he is wearing a hat covering his lovely dark hair.. but hopefully i'll be able to take some more soon. HE IS SO CUTE AHHH

p.s., ignore ugly ppl in the background

do we look related?Collapse )
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alright alright allll fucking


if your name is not on the accepted list in the profile and it should be
make a comment to this entry!

i am puking and falling in love and i'm sick of getting nasty comments saying why am i not in here whwprihqghjpiorjg WAAAAH.

this is all in good humour, i swear!!!!!

just post to this or i'm not going to remember to add you.


oh yeah... and thanks to everybody who left nice comments to my pic post!

<3 modmer
3am cute.

I want to move to Canada...

Thank you Mr. Bush,


you and your administration have successfully destroyed our reputation, the united nations, our economy, and if you're lucky, our country. the economy was an easy one for you, i mean hell, just give an enormous tax rebate to the rich and tada, surplus gone, you know, if you bankrupt the government, you can cancel social programs and rely more on the states for independent council. yes, and no funding for education, who needs that? social security, let them die prematurely but in peace. gun control, why would we need gun control, canada has the toughest gun control in the world, and holy shit, they have the lowest murder rate in the world, go figure. our leaders spent sixty years building, strengthening, and supporting the united nations and it took you a whole two months to destroy it and make it a meaningless body. no one looks at us and sees our open minds, or our prosperity, or our willingness to support our friends and help those less fortunate. thanks to you, a stolen election, and only about 40% of our people we are now bible toting, intolerant, racist, bigoted, rifle slinging, war hungry, murderers. wait, we liberated iraq right, why are we still there? it's not an invasion, it's not an invasion. why are only you allowed to have such weapons at your *destruction*.

and so i enter into petition, should you win again next year perhaps those of us who are tolerant, peaceful, open minded, and compassionate should move to canada. let you drive this piece of shit country into the ground.

god, we had potential too.