July 8th, 2003

how amazing is this boy?

Sluggy and I have been talking about dating for a while, but he's going off to college in a month, so we've been really reserved about it... but tonight, we got to talking, and I warned him that I revert to a 1950's style sitcom and get all blushy and girly....

this is where the conversation went from there.

PSlugworth: As long as we're in the 1950s... and on Leave It To Beaver...
PSlugworth: (and I'm Wally, by the way)
red glass hearts: (Alright...)
PSlugworth: Meredith, it'd be real swell if you'd be my girl.
red glass hearts: Aw, geez, Wally! What with you going away to college and all...
red glass hearts: What would my mother think?
PSlugworth: Oh, to heck with her!
red glass hearts: Wally! Such language!
PSlugworth: Come on, it'll be neat.
red glass hearts: Gee whiz, Wally! I never thought I'd be going steady with a swell guy like you!
red glass hearts: Of course! You're the bees knees, Wally Cleaver!
PSlugworth: You're a real super girl, you know?
red glass hearts: Aww. Ya mean that, Wally?
PSlugworth: Gosh, do I!
red glass hearts: ((This is where I throw my arms around you, poodle skirt fluttering daintily in the night air.))
PSlugworth: ((Then the Beaver walks in))
PSlugworth: Hey, Beave, do ya mind?
red glass hearts: Beave!
red glass hearts: Get back to bed!
PSlugworth: Beaver: Gee, sorry Wally! Christ, crucify a fuckin' guy for walking into his own bedroom...
red glass hearts: You ruined it.
red glass hearts: i love you.

but you said.....

anyone looking for a roommate in philadelphia in about three or four weeks?

drop me a line, cause this girl just got booted off her lease by some rather unplesant people. i'm in a bind and need a new place to reside.

thanks for absolutly anything....-xoxo
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can you say "LOLZ"

ok so, in the tradition of whoring myself to scenster rating communities (okay not really, that's an exaggeration), i just now posted in nonuglyemos and who should be there to greet me right away with a "hell no" and a sweater insult but opal_eyes, a reject from THIS lovely community! gosh. that was so sweet of her! <3!!!!

see, my post here means more because the PEOPLE here are cool, but my nonuglyemos post was simply for amusement... we'll see how my votes go. but still, i couldn't help but giggle when that girl decided to bitterly vote me "no"... how sad for her!

love you all!!
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