July 9th, 2003

3am cute.

Heil Mer,

i am still a bit amazed that someone commented on my last post with "you fuckin nazi." so i envisioned a nazi-esque propaganda for the community.

The New ReichCollapse )

i decided not to actually develop this idea since the comment itself is not what bothered me. the cause of my distress was the fact that the comment was anonymous. this is a community, i don't mind a contrary point of view, i in fact welcome it. i do however suggest that a little tact and common sense be used and you actually present a counter point intelligently. if you are going to look like an idiot, at least do it well. and fucking stand behind your opinion ass. any anonymous posting in a community should be met with ban if the person be found out i think.

oh, and yes, i am getting rid of this picture as soon as i finish this, it was just to catch the attention of whoever you are.

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red glass hearts= me, modmer
SchoolBusSpeaker= red_pumps

SchoolBusSpeaker: i dont ever wanna be like you...i dont wanna do the things you do
SchoolBusSpeaker: THIS IS THE ANTHEM
red glass hearts: hahahahahahahahahah
SchoolBusSpeaker: go to college a university
SchoolBusSpeaker: haha oh gosh
SchoolBusSpeaker: i have a secret!!!!!!!!
SchoolBusSpeaker: dont tell anyone
red glass hearts: what secret?
SchoolBusSpeaker: in may......i saw good charlotte.......AND I HAD FUN
SchoolBusSpeaker: hahhaa
red glass hearts: ok.... won't tell a soul..... promise!


♥ modmer

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nobody can bitch and moan now, because i updated the user info!

note that i also deleted the denied list. we're not the elite, we're DEFINITELY not are_you_hip, and we're not assholes

being denied sucks enough.

ps i went to the market today and somebody yelled out their window, "hell, girl, you are a beautiful angel!"

i was psyched.

and i bought a dress and two cookies

♥ modmer

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i'm bored, so i'm posting something to every community i belong to.

hello, my friends!

go to my journal and check my boy's maddddd photoshop skills.

it made me snicker with glee.

and yeah... leave me something nice. i'm having a SHITTY night.

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my name: danielle.

my age: seventeen.

my musical tastes: i grew up on a lot of rock, and i enjoy a lot of other different kinds of music here it goes..the rolling stones, the cars, 7 angels 7 plagues, the blood brothers, jay-z, david bowie, pink floyd, roxie music, alice cooper, led zepplin, between the buried and me, ac/dc, elvis, billie holiday, jimmy eat world, the used, thursday, blue oyster cult, cheap trick, elvis costello, queen, the clash, the strokes, queens of the stone age, radiohead, rufio, 38special, inxs, tatu..lol. :)
it's basically whutever i'm in the mood for.

my style of dress: it's usually just pants or jeans and tightfitting tshirts, and in the summer mostly skirts, i love flipflops, i wear them as often as i can, and i just dont like shorts.... .basically if i look good, i feel good. i wear things that make me feel good. that's about that.

why I should be let in: who doesnt wanna be accepted? lol no, just kidding, umm, because you know you wanna let me in! hehe

my proudest moment: i haven't accomplished/expierienced that yet, but i feel proud having what seems to be a good portion of my life figured out.

the best word to describe myself: anxious

..and i can used my icon as my picture right..i have yet to successfully post a picture on lj..

x's and o's no matter whut.
<3 danielle
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