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guess who's in the scene.

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Saturday, July 19th, 2003
new hair cut. just thought i'd post a couple. they aren't very good of the hair though. sorry, i'll take more later.

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10:23p - .new.
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i felt my stomach drop as i heard the voice crack on the other line. he said i must not have talked to him for awhile. said i didn't know. then he told me....

i just found out that my friend aaron died almost two months ago. i just found out because i had this sudden urge to call him. to contact him. i had no fucking idea. i can't process it. and i got the news from his father. i brought back all the bad memories to him. i couldn't ask what happened. i could barely keep it together....

i didn't know. we hadn't talked for awhile but this was nothing new for us. i wanted to tell him i was moving closer to him. i could see him. i'd be right there. that we'd have to go on those trips we'd always talked about. i'd have to see him sing. see his band.

he was only twenty....

current mood: crushed

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