July 20th, 2003

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hey guys!!!

moderator mer here... i bet you were all wondering where the fuck i went... well... as you can see, i got a new journal located at _maddie..... so yeah, i was working on that, then i had to go promote a couple shows, etc. etc.

so i'm BACK with a flourish, and i'm about to go kick some newbie ass... lemme go check these applications...

♥ modmer, who is BACK!


um...how long till its tabulated whether or not I'm accepted?

just wanted to make sure you guys didn't forget about me. ;P

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name: that kid i met that one time
age: 20
musical tastes: i ate a cd once, it taste really bad, vinyl tastes really good if you broil it with carrots and peppers
dress: salvation army rejects
let me in? cause i'm the boy named oi, or atleast i think i am, anyway this community was my idea so you gotta let me in.
proudest moment: ummmmmm....i got new shoes once, that was pretty cool
word to describe myself? oi
yeah look at my icon for a picture, thats me
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