July 23rd, 2003


Can I ask you a question? You just did...

so yeah, wow, buffalo was awesome. the first band sucked, the second i loved, "engine down". they were very emo so you won't like them jenna, hehe. they definitely knew what the hell they were doing though, the bassist was really cute, hmm, wonder if i'll ever be with a boy. probably not, you girls are all i need.

so then, "dismemberment plan". holy fucking shit!! they were amazing. i am completely smitten with this band. i heard some emo, some jazz, some punk, some ska, and even a lot of keyboard thrown in there. they were jsut awesome, everyone in the crowd was dancing, hell i was dancing even though i was sober.

i'm watching conan tonight, and even though i am horribly depressed i still can choke laughing at a joke about our president's superior intellect:

setup- "democratic, presidential richard gephart today called the president's foreign policy full of machismo and unilateralism."

punchline- "to which president bush replied, you wouldn't dare say that if i knew what any of those words meant."

This is why I wouldn't mind a little help...Collapse )

but for my community lovers, i still love you all and you all can have my sex, but Mer has first dibs, Jenna i think has second simply because she is my hard to get, hehe.
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