. (bfu) wrote in a_boy_named_oi,

Your Name: bronny
Your Age: almost 17 [august 19th]
Your musical tastes: i like a lot of different stuff.
bands: ani difranco, laura dawn, left over crack, tori amos, jack off jill, the ramones, rancid, the clash, fiona apple, hole, ben lee, veruca salt, sleater-kinney, everclear, thrice, nine inch nails, reel big fish, marilyn manson, op ivy, tegan and sara, the donnas, the yeah yeah yeahs, the distillers and a million more.
Your style of dress: i'm always really bad at this question. i wear a lot of different things. i usually mix some mainstream fashion things with some alternative stuff. i love: boots, pointly toe shoes, high heels, brazillian levis, hipsters, tartan skirts, fishnets, tight t-shirts, blazer style jackets, polka dots.
Why you should be let in: because you don't have any accepted members who's user names start with B!
Your proudest moment: getting 100% on my english exam. my studio art teacher actually liking one of my pieces
The best word to describe yourself: hyper
A picture of yrself

i've got a few, i hope that's ok.

no make-up:

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