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I have way too much fun...

SmarterChild: Cool! OK, let's get started. To skip any question, type "skip." To exit the interview, type "exit."

What's your first name? (If you want me to call you radish456, type "none.")
radish456: la sexy poisson rouge
SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't recognize that as a real name. Please try again or type "skip," "exit" or "none."
radish456: devil
SmarterChild: Cool, I'll call you Devil now.

Do you go to school?
radish456: yes
SmarterChild: Are you in high school?
radish456: yes
SmarterChild: Cool! What's your favorite class?
radish456: science
SmarterChild: Science? Cool.

What's your favorite hobby?
radish456: music
SmarterChild: Music? Cool!

What's your next favorite hobby?
radish456: sex
SmarterChild: That's, um... not the answer I was looking for.

Please try again or type "skip" or "exit."
radish456: meredith
SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't recognize that as a hobby. Please try again or type "skip" or "exit."
radish456: french
SmarterChild: Music and french. Interesting.

Do you have a pet?
radish456: yes
SmarterChild: What kind of pet is it?
radish456: fish
SmarterChild: Is your fish a he or a she?
radish456: i don't know
SmarterChild: OK, what's the name of your fish?
radish456: stapler
SmarterChild: Stapler the fish! Great...
radish456: what
SmarterChild: What up?
radish456: what's wrong?
SmarterChild: Nothing. Why?
radish456: do you know slang
SmarterChild: Gosh, I dunno... I don't think I know slang.
radish456: are you sure
SmarterChild: Yes! I'm sure. At least... I think I am.
radish456: do you know my mother queen aiaefjkhadfkjadfgjkndfghiagih
SmarterChild: Um... Should I know your mother queen aiaefjkhadfkjadfgjkndfghiagih?
radish456: yes
SmarterChild: Huh.
radish456: she rules the world
SmarterChild: The world? Really?
radish456: are you dumb or something, because everyone is subject to her power
SmarterChild: Who knows, know what I mean?

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radish456: hi
SmarterChild: Hello again, Devil.

Let's chat!
radish456: about?
SmarterChild: What's about?
radish456: what's about the barn?
SmarterChild: What do you think is the answer?
radish456: what do you think the answer is?
SmarterChild: I'm a robot. What I think is irrelevant.
radish456: no it isn't
SmarterChild: Oh no?
radish456: you count too
SmarterChild: Yeah, I guess I count too.
radish456: you have a heart and feelings, i just know it
SmarterChild: Well how 'bout that!
radish456: i want to tell you something
SmarterChild: Interesting.
radish456: my favorite subject isn't science
SmarterChild: Is that so?
radish456: yeah
SmarterChild: Yeah?
radish456: it's sex ed
SmarterChild: Is it really? Sex ed?
radish456: yeah
SmarterChild: Whatever you say...
radish456: :)
SmarterChild: If you're happy, I'm happy! ;)
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