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here i goooo...

-x-Your Name: carta

-x-Your Age: a whopping 14 years old

-x-Your musical tastes: oh i go..ltj nofx bad religion afi tsunami bomb ataris dancehall crashers alkaline trio rancid skif dank green goblyn project bigwig catch 22 the eyeliners the aquabats le tigre
madcap madcaddies spitvalves the clash voo doo glow skulls the vandals mighty mighty bosstones andrew wk goldfinger dropkick murpheys..

-x-Your style of dress: whatever i feel like wearing. usually lots of band shirts n other clothes ive altered/made. stuff i pick up while thrifting. or anything i find that i take a liking to. pretty headbands n bows for my haaair. and the same shoes ive worn everyday for pretty much the past year.

-x-Why you should be let in: cause im a midget..i like to post a lot..i resemble a turtle..and if you let me in ill be your best fren.

-x-Your proudest moment: mm..thats way tough. one of them would have to be my first show..maybe not my PROUDEST but one of my best. it was ltj/bad religion. good stuff.

-x-The best word to describe yourself: hyper

-x-A picture of yrself.

mm..well more than one..but oh well.


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